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About us

Top Quality at a Fair Price - Made in Germany

We are manufacturer of high quality impression materials and disinfectants for more than 30 years. All products are specially developed for the purposes of our clients - dentists and technicians. Our very well known brands are available in more than 70 countries world wide.

Product line: Impression-/ bite registration materials, full automatically impression system, technical-/duplicating silicones, silicones for esthetic dentistry and a full range of disinfectants.

Products and services

  • Aqium 3D- scannable impression material (VPS) with outstanding performance in hydrophilicity, tear strength and elastic properties.
  • SILECT - the New Gold Standard for c-silicones; algistar alginates with 6 years shelf life. Huge range of bite registration materials, e.g. the transparent type kristall PERFECT A50/A70 with its additional feature to use as an occlusal stamp for light curing composite restorations and transfer matrix for fixing brackets.
  • Gammasil TEC touch, the perfect material for technicians which offers a huge scope of different application.
  • Gingiva MASK/ gingiva MASK 3D - the optimal aid for the creation of high quality aesthetic restorations.
  • NEW: LC-model gel, a light curing model resin to simplify the technicians work.
  • NEW: Dental Disinfection - Redefined. Specially developed disinfectants for the requirements in the dental sector.
Aqium 3D

Aqium 3D

Aqium 3D perfected the Impression! Scannable VPS impression material with high hydrophilic, high tear strength and elastic Elongation
The outstanding silicone in this combination within the dental sector.

Dental Disinfection - Redefined

Dental Disinfection - Redefined

Disinfection and cleaning agents for the dental market have to meet specific requirements. Among these are a powerful disinfecting effect and dirt-holding capacity, hygienic handling, low allergy potential and high material compatibility. Müller-Omicron is offering customers a completely new range of disinfectants for effective, user-friendly and safe disinfection. Owing to a new combination of active ingredients, ensuring hygiene in dental practice and labs has just become easier.



SILECT - The New Gold Standard for C-Silicones.
This premium impression material offers excellent technical properties such as a very low shrinkage, a very high degree of elastic recovery, ideally coordinated material consistency and high-colour contrast for better readability of the impression. The materials are easy to dose precisely with the new SILECT catalyst gel. The working times are user friendly, while the short time in mouth will be welcomed by patients.

News & Innovations

All Advantages of Modern Disinfectant in One Product Line 

Müller-Omicron is one of only a few companies worldwide offering a complete range of quality disinfectants for the dental market. This includes alcohol-based and alcohol-free liquids for surface and wipe disinfection, as well as highly effective cleansing products. Dentoderm Sensitive HD...| » Further reading 

New DryWipes and Wetwipes for an Effective Disinfection 

An alcohol-containing spray can endanger the health of the practice and laboratory staff over time. By contrast, wipe disinfection provides effective cleaning of surfaces using a closed system. For a particularly effective disinfection, the new DryWipes and WetWipes by Müller-Omicron are th...| » Further reading 

Aqium 3D: Precise Impressions with unique Hydrophilicity 

In order to obtain a precise impression in the moist oral environment, rapid hydrophilicity is necessary. The silicones used in dentistry should displace the moisture quickly and easily flow into the smallest areas. Aqium 3D meets these requirements. The addition-curing precision impression mate...| » Further reading 


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